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Westport Health Facility

The Editor
Westport News

Dear Editor

While one does not wish to pre-judge a new government in its early days the evasion of questions I have so far put to various ministers does not auger well.


And while promises regarding Buller's proposed new health facility might - or might not - come to fruition, the article (November 24) in The News suggests that, as previously, the left hand appears to be following its own agenda while the right hand continues its secretive processes.

For example, while Ministry of Health "director of critical projects" (and there's an intriguing title - why "critical"?) Michael Hundleby failed to answer questions about "size, site or budget", West Coast DHB bean counter Mark Newsome is reported as having said last month that the DHB was " working on a fit-for-purpose design ......We've got a body of work we want to continue with". So how does that relate to the Health Ministry's intentions?


The News' pointing out that "the ministry and the DHB had recently produced a new concept plan" adds to the schmozzle.


The public could hardly be blamed for thinking that there's little sign of the long-standing secrecy and confusion being sorted out.


Damien O'Çonnor's admission that, "He hadn't seen the new concept plans" raises the obvious question as to why not - especially since he says he has spoken to the new health minister about the project. As local M.P. shouldn't he be kept up-to-date?

A contact has just sent me a delightful photograph showing ten managers standing around a hole being dug in the road   by a labourer identified as " Fred". The accompanying statement suggests that with so many managers having to be paid they will probably have to sack Fred despite his being the only person actually doing something.
For holes in the road read health planning.

David Tranter

Health Spokesman

Democrats for Social Credit 


Published: November 2017

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