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Development of modern banking has resulted in nations losing the power to issue most of their own money. The financial system, worldwide, is based on debt.


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Dear Editor

How interesting that some of the true nature of this agreement is now openly admitted by the media.  No longer can we who have opposed it be dismissed as conspiracy theorists. There is no theory and it is a conspiracy to pass political power to big business.

Companies, here or overseas, could sue our Government and challenge legislation of any nature which could be deemed to reduce their potential profits here. Practical moves to reduce smoking, for example, could be thrown out. This is the sort of situation that previously only a nation defeated in war has had to face.

What has not been allowed to appear is allegation that such hearings would be heard, not by a Court of Law, but by an “appointed” triumvirate from  whose decisions there would be no right of appeal.

Sure, we need free trade, but the USA would never have allowed it to apply to agricultural products anyway. That is not the only reason President Trump has withdrawn from it. As occurred with its earlier counterpart, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, there is a strong group there also that opposes it for the same reason we do. Its intent has very little to do with free trade and a lot to do with neo-colonialism by powerful business interests of nations of all sizes.

What a test for our new Prime Minister. As undoubtedly occurred with her predecessors, she will be subjected to immense pressure to agree to throw away our sovereignty by accepting this Agreement.

If she stands firm she may, so early in her career, emerge as the strongest New Zealand Prime Minister since Michael Joseph Savage.


John G Rawson, Whangarei


Published: November 2017

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