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Health questions remain unanswered

The Editor
Greymouth Star

Dear Editor

The releasing of a "heavily redacted" version of the June meeting minutes of the so-called West Coast Hospital Partnership Group (Greymouth Star, 11 September)  raises - as usual - more questions than it answers.

Why are the minutes "heavily" censored - for that is what redacted means -  when it's the public's business? Of course, it's a rhetorical question since we all know why - because it fits in with their meetings being held in secret. How the politicians and bureaucracies involved can have the bare-faced cheek to continue calling the group involved a "partnership" would boggle the mind if New Zealanders weren't  so well-used to such underhand processes. Who is this "partnership" with when the most important people - the public - are excluded from the Machiavellian plots of politicians and the conniving bureaucrats who, for a (large) handful of silver, bend the knee to their masters in Wellington?

The longer this appallingly deceitful process continues it becomes ever more obvious that the "partnership" is between the outfits named in the Star article; the Capital Investment Committee (who expect funding to come from the private sector), the Ministry of Health, and that old enemy of rural regions, Treasury. Oh yes, and the politician currently masquerading as the Minister of Health.

When we read that the Ministry were supportive of including adult  dentistry in the Westport facility but that Treasury "had not agreed" to this one has to wonder, not if the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, but whether the  right hand knows what the right hand is doing. Let's be blunt about this - what the blue blazes have Treasury got to do with dental care in Westport? It's utterly farcical.

That grand old Athenian, Euripides said; "Silence gives consent". How wonderful hearing the Buller community making so much sound about the absurdities that government want to force on their health services.

David Tranter
Health Spokesman
NZ Democrats for Social Credit Party


Published: September 2017

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