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Double-speak conceals truth

The Editor
Westport News

Dear Editor

How refreshing to see a community pulling together in the face of yet another attack on  New Zealand rural health services.

The Westport protest articles and photos are the brightest spot of my days recently.

For decades past, the mis-use of the English language by politicians and their accomplices has repeatedly distorted reality in attempts to fool the public into believing their best health service interests were being served. Nowhere has this been more so than in the utterly absurd title given  to disguise the  underhand agenda being foisted on the West Coast. To call the persons - none of whom live in the region - the "West Coast Hospital Redevelopment Partnership Group" is double-speak of the worst variety.  

It is high time  to use the term "so-called" every time their misleading label is used because to use it without highlighting its complete inappropriateness allows them to gain a degree of authenticity which, in reality, they don't have. Quite simply they are a bogus partnership as regards the West Coast.

What ever alleged expertise the members of this group may  or may not have  they represent no-one but the Ministry of Health whose agendas they endorse for no other reasons than to further their self-seeking careers.

When I put Official Information Act questions to the Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman he dodged such questions as "why are there no West Coast residents on the group" by saying that the Canterbury/West Coast DHB ceo David Meates is on the group. So has Mr. Meates just moved from Canterbury to the Coast?.

Regarding my question "who chose the members of the group?" the response was that it was the Minister of Health and that the Minister of Finance and the State Services Committee were also consulted. Oh, Whoop de doo! - and how many of them live on the Coast?

 I suggest a new title for the alleged "Partnership Group"; "Coleman's Conniving Crew".  

David Tranter
Health Spokesman
NZ Democrats for Social Credit Party


Published: August 2017

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