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The Origins of Social Credit
Development of modern banking has resulted in nations losing the power to issue most of their own money. The financial system, worldwide, is based on debt.
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The Democrats for Social Credit Party stands for:

  • A policy of armed neutrality.

  • A maritime defence force capable of air and sea patrol and interdiction in our EEZ.

  This will entail reinvestment of an air combat squadron, six oceangoing patrol ships and fully        operational  air and coastal units manned by  reservists

• Withdrawing from international organisations when membership of them reduces our independence of action and is against New Zealand’s interests.

  • •  A national defence force capable of home defence and on call to serve internationally.

This will entail three specialised commando battalions (airborne, amphibious and mountain ) and a headquarters administering  both military and civil defence, together with national training and reserves.


  • •  The protection of our Nuclear Free and Exclusive Economic Zone.


•  Technical training, civil defence, and public works programmes as secondary tasks.


•  Resources to provide nationwide availability in dealing with all emergencies and  disasters.

• Resourcing Defence forces fully and from within New Zealand where possible.

• Civil defence training in secondary schools.

• Resources to provide a wide availability of skills in dealing with any emergency or disaster.



Cdr Dick Ryan, Spokesman for Defence, Tukituki Electorate candidate

Email:  Mob 021 0232 7379


Published: August 2017

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