The Origins of Social Credit
Development of modern banking has resulted in nations losing the power to issue most of their own money. The financial system, worldwide, is based on debt.

Let's see what happens

A Labour, Greens, NZ First government should be given a chance to govern and make substantial positive changes to people's lives in New Zealand.  That it's a hotch potch of egos, varying policy objectives and no real sense of united vision make the achievement hopes, of many New Zealanders,  somewhat dubious.

It is not surprising that NZ FIrst chose to side with Labour. It offered its leader Winston Peters the best hope of securing, without much challenge, the position of deputy Prime Minister. Rejected NZ First former MP Richard Prosser is reported [NZ Herald 26-9-17] to have said Peters would be after baubles not policy.  That NZ First MPs had much say in the decision making process is doubtful given that history shows that if the party members want some policy and Winston doesn't, that's the end of it.  After all, let's not kid ourselves, it is the Peters' Party - not those of the hangers on.

As for the Greens, they had the best they could hope for a few jobs, and a bit of influence.

However if the boat they are all in starts to spring a few leaks, the spectacle will be interesting to watch. It will provide NZ political pundits with plenty of writing material.

Labour however is in the driving seat. It has announced it will stop foreign speculators from buying houses and it promised in its policy manifesto to do that unless they built  new ones. So no control on foreign investors really. It's going to fund health properly, recruit and train 1,000 more police, make rivers swimmable again and the one I am waiting to see is "We'll build 100,000 affordable homes." That they would be all owned by foreign investors Labour didn't rule out .

But, so far, Labour and their partners  have not indicated doing something about  the financial interests which really control our country.

However. it's no good criticising, yet. What's done is what's done. The people voted for this coalition government  and it should be given the chance to show what it can do.

If it can't, in three years' time, or, earlier, who knows, we can give someone else a go.

- contributed by Selyia Goodhart, Gisborne


Published: November 2017

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