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Open Letter to Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman MP

Dr. Coleman

I have followed the issue of failed surgical mesh disasters since first being told about it by a DHB patient whose life has been utterly ruined by the procedure carried out on her without, as seems to be the practice, any warnings of possible negative consequences.

On  becoming aware of the widespread nature of these tragic outcomes I also learned that for several years people such as the very well-researched Mesh Down Under group have been conveying their concerns about lack of action to yourself as Health Minister. 

I now learn that when you recently met this group you told them to write to you with their concerns. I find that absolutely outrageous - as does everyone who knows of this. As a former doctor you are well aware of the horrendous suffering - mental as well as physical - of the victims of surgical mesh failure, as well as the shared anguish endured by their families.

To call the continuing evasion of this issue, including the continuing failure of the recommendations about mesh as specified by the health select committee, a dereliction of duty is putting it politely.

In my 27 years of involvement on behalf of people seeking help in accessing health services this is the worst instance I have seen where those with the power to help - such as yourself - have passed by on the other side with their noses in the air.

I put two simple questions to you under the Official Information Act:

1. Why have you as Health Minister allowed this matter to drag on and on without any effective action?

2. When are you going to act?

Yours sincerely

David Tranter

Health Spokesman

NZ Democrats for Social Credit Party


Published: September 2017

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