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Open letter to Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

Dr. David Coleman


Minister of Health

Dear Dr. Coleman

I have followed the fluoridation debate for many years having begun with no particular point of view, but having listened to both sides of the matter I cannot see how anyone with an open mind can advocate adding one of the planet's most toxic substances to drinking water supplies.


As just one example of the positive alternatives to fluoridation - if the aim is to improve dental health - consider Denmark whose Nexo programme sees that country having the lowest rate of dental caries in the world (WHO figures, 2015)  and they have never fluoridated their water.


There is of course massive evidence besides this showing the stupidity of the fluoridation agenda but even if you refuse to acknowledge this, the Health and Disability Commissioner's Code of Rights says that no-one can be medicated without giving their informed consent. Clearly the one-sided propaganda used to support fluoridation is not informing people and when fluoridation is forced upon people it is nothing less than mass medication concerning which people have no opportunity to give - or refuse - their consent.


In case you question whether fluoridation is medication, as a doctor you must know that the definition of medication is the application of a substance intended to affect a bodily function - which is precisely the intention of fluoridation.


I have two questions which I would appreciate your answers to;
1. Why do you ignore all the documented evidence against fluoridation instead of applying positive dental health policies such as the Denmark example?
2. Why do you ignore the H&D Commissioner's Code of Rights which is supposed to ensure that people have the right to give - or refuse - their INFORMED consent when fluoridation is applied to public water supplies?

Yours sincerely,
David Tranter
Health Spokesman
Democrats for Social Credit



Published: June 2017

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