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The Origins of Social Credit
Development of modern banking has resulted in nations losing the power to issue most of their own money. The financial system, worldwide, is based on debt.
Media Releases
Ohariu MP Peter Dunne will be remembered as the man who delivered Corporate Control of New Zealand to big multinational companies.
Published: 22 July 2015

The recent loss of Auckland City Hospital's training accreditation because of bullying and harassment is further evidence that the corporatisation of health management has failed, according to Democrats for Social Credit Party health spokesman David Tranter. 
Published: 16 July 2015

If Labour’s Transport spokesman Phil Twyford’s admission that KiwiRail’s freight and lines operations should be treated differently is to be taken seriously, the next step is for his Party to re-visit successful social credit policies to support that statement, said Democrats for Social Credit Par...
Published: 13 July 2015

"Any attempts to impose another round of unsuccessful austerity measures on the Greek people must be rejected by their Government in the wake of the conclusive referendum result,” said Democrats for Social Credit Party leader Stephnie de Ruyter.   “In defying the EU by holding the referendum, G...
Published: 07 July 2015

The thin veneer of democracy which DHB boards have put on the running of health services since 2001 is again exposed by the government's sacking of the Southern District Health board, according to DSC health spokesman David Tranter.
Published: 25 June 2015

A Toronto surgeon's work on an operating theatre equivalent of the black boxes used in aircraft has great  significance for New Zealand patients being hamstrung by the ludicrously long delays in HDC investigations of complaints made to him where serious damage has been caused by incompetent surger...
Published: 13 June 2015

Rather than fiddling with the country’s one serious savings scheme, or pissing off overseas travellers with a nonsense exit and entry levy, the government should have made major cuts to a special class of welfare payments, according to Democrats for Social Credit Deputy Leader and Finance Spokespe...
Published: 22 May 2015

Democrats for Social Credit Deputy Leader and Regional Development Spokesperson Chris Leitch, has labeled the Prime Minister’s announcement of a capital gains tax on property speculation “minor window-dressing”.
Published: 18 May 2015

Democrats for Social Credit finance spokesperson Chris Leitch has attacked this week’s government announcement of $98 million for elective surgery as “a pittance”.
Published: 11 May 2015

In her address to a local meeting today, DSC leader Stephnie de Ruyter urged Christchurch ratepayers to fight to retain full ownership of strategic infrastructure assets by lobbying the government for a more creative solution.
Published: 19 April 2015

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