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Stephnie de Ruyter, Party Leader
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The Origins of Social Credit
Development of modern banking has resulted in nations losing the power to issue most of their own money. The financial system, worldwide, is based on debt.
We have suffered the highs and lows of neo-liberal, liberal, free market economics for three decades.
Published: 23 May 2016

I have always been captivated by the wonders of the stage illusionist - sawing people in half, making them disappear etc, but when politicians practice the illusionist's art they are effectively intending to deceive, not entertain and thrill. This came to mind when Irwin Steizer, an American busine...
Published: 02 May 2016

The revelations of the Panama Papers bring home to us to what lengths those in privileged positions will go to protect their wealth by the creation of trusts in countries around the world whereby escaping paying taxes in their home lands. These trusts enable those engaged in illegal activities to ...
Published: 26 April 2016

It may seem blasphemous to neoliberals, but a universal basic wage may be the only choice we have.
Published: 20 April 2016

With the signing of the American backed, American corporations' dictated TPP agreement, the number one priority is for business, and profits,to come first.
Published: 31 March 2016

An aspect of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement so far not covered in the news media is its   probable illegitimacy. The Democrats for Social Credit Party (DSC) has a long-held policy against implementing so-called free market trade deals which would limit New Zealand's productive resources be...
Published: 02 March 2016

Almost everything you read or hear from the government, and particularly the Prime Minister, focuses exclusively on the “Free Trade” aspects of the TPPA.  
Published: 06 February 2016

The richest 1% in the world now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined according to a January report from the charity Oxfam. That shouldn't surprise anyone.
Published: 20 January 2016

In the years immediately preceding the 2008 crisis, NZ Stock Exchange officials worried that prospective players were being lured by brighter lights in the ASX. Together with the Business Round Table they persuaded the Government that “deepening” the capital Markets would be good for the whole ec...
Published: 08 December 2015

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